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Ted Regklis is a greek composer and sound artist.
He has composed for feature films, theatre, advertising and games. His music has been used in projects for Google, Nike and also in award-winning projects featured on Vimeo Staff Picks, Behance, Motion Served, HOWWW, Stash and IDN.

Ted Regklis was born in Crete in 1986 and raised in Athens, Greece.

From the age of 6 he started learning the piano and took his first steps in music composition just a few years later. Before even reaching his 20s, Ted was already producing his own music with computers. He completed his piano studies at the Hellenic Conservatory and the Charalambos Ekmetsoglou Music School and then he moved on to study music theory at the London College of Music.

Since then he’s formed several alternative, pop-rock and downtempo music bands, serving as a composer or performing as a singer and a keyboardist. Since 2005, he’s been writing music for short films and theatrical plays while later he stepped into scoring video games. In 2013, he started collaborating with the Greek National Opera Dance School.

Overall he has been the composer for both domestic and international projects, for over 30 short films, theatre plays, commercials and video games.In the meantime, Ted is a prolific concert composer and he has several released works both in Europe and the US.